ELM installed elevators in Chisinau Restaurant

Restaurant / Kitchen / Cargo lifts

In one of the best restaurants in Chisinau, Casa Nunții “Noroc”, Euroliftmontaj (ELM) engineers installed four restaurant and one freight elevator.

Casa Nunții Noroc, the façade of the building where ELM elevators were installed

Restaurant lifts

A restaurant elevator is by far the most popular type of service elevator. During the design of a dining room, cafe, restaurant is often much more convenient to place the kitchen and other premises on different floors. In this case, there is a need for rapid delivery of ready-made meals in the hall. For such cases, you can order at a reasonable price manufacturing of a small freight elevator for your institution.

Restaurant elevator does not take up much space, but allows you to move the required amount of dishes in seconds. The elevator shaft of the elevator is small, which makes it possible to mount it in the finished room.

Functionally restaurant lifts (small freight elevators) for restaurants, can be divided into three groups:

  • Lifts for moving prepared food and beverages;
  • Lifts for dirty dishes;
  • Restaurant goods elevator for serving raw materials;

Sanitary norms

In accordance with the norms of the Sanitary and Epidemiological Service, in restaurants it is unacceptable for waiters to move food on trays on public staircases without a freight elevator. It is forbidden to use a small freight elevator at the same time in a restaurant for lifting cooked food and moving dirty dishes. Compliance with sanitary regulations requires restaurant owners to use small freight elevators as a set for food production. Elevators should be separated for lifting food (ready meals), dirty dishes and products, including bottles, packages and containers.

If you’re stuck in an elevator, don’t worry, click on the alarm button.

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Restaurant elevators also have a number of advantages:

  • Restaurant elevators (or kitchen lifts) are easy to install, highly efficient and quiet
  • Installation of such equipment is carried out qualitatively and in the shortest possible time
  • There is an opportunity to install restaurant lifts in already constructed buildings, which can be a decisive aspect.

For the transport of ready meals, the small freight elevator cabin compartment should be ordered in stainless steel. For restaurant elevators, it is necessary to prevent dust from getting on food and falling out. Norms of SES do not regulate the type of doors on the cabin of the kitchen elevator. For the restaurant, it is optimal to order small freight elevators with inexpensive roller blind on the cabin.

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