Euroliftmontaj Moldova-Official data

Limited Liability company (SRL) No State registration-1008600014893, established in March 2008 in Chişinău.


CAUNENCO Ivan Grigore.

Field of activity

Import, trade, installation/installation and technical servicing of lifts and escalators. EuroLiftmontage (ELM) is a Moldovan company specializing in elevators and lifting equipment, installation of lifting equipment. You have applied to many companies of the elevator in Moldova, but you could not find what you are looking for or are not satisfied with the terms of delivery? Or perhaps you are looking for an elevator company that deals not only with the sale and delivery of elevator equipment, but also with the modernisation, installation and subsequent maintenance of lifts and elevator equipment Related. In each of these situations, we are happy to help you-the company lift LLC EuroLiftmontage. At the centre of the activities of the company OOO EuroLiftmontazh is the sale of elevators and lift equipment with direct delivery to the customer. ELM is registered with the Registration Chamber of the Republic of Moldova on the date of 25.03.2008. The state Identification code (IDNO) is 1008600014893. ELM specialists do not know about the economy of the Chisinau elevator. The company has a highly skilled staff with great (> > 20 years) experience in this field, the quality control system and the necessary licensing equipment, allowing the carrying out of controls at all stages of assembly, installation and implementation in Service. EuroLiftMontaj-the lowest prices for equipment and installation works in Moldova! ELM offers its customers:

  • A wide range of models-from cheap basic models to expensive high-tech news from countries in Europe, CSI, Asia or USA;
  • Individual approach-a rich range of options, colors and materials, special orders for original solutions;
  • Minimum prices-order and import directly from the production plant, the cheapest elevators in Moldova with parts and mechanisms with no problems;
  • Professional experience-a rich experience of engineers, traditions, market knowledge and relationships established with suppliers;
  • Stability-warranty and post-warranty service.